Medical Weight Loss

Undertake your personalized weight loss journey with Dr. Grischkan, an expert clinician and Diplomate of the American Board of Obesity Medicine.

Few things confer a greater health benefit than optimizing weight. Whether it is reducing the risk of developing cancer and heart disease or improving blood pressure and cholesterol, research over decades has conclusively demonstrated salient benefits. And yet too often, achieving— and most importantly—sustaining weight loss are among the most elusive and difficult of health goals.

Today, the options for weight loss programs are as overwhelming as the prospect of going it alone. But few offer a genuinely personalized and coordinated program with the kind of dedicated support, expertise, and availability required to achieve durable results.

An Integrative Approach to Weight Loss

Highlights of Dr. Grischkan’s Care:


Holistic Care

Recognizing that weight is influenced by a myriad of factors, from physiology to lifestyle, Dr. Grischkan begins with a comprehensive medical, dietary, and behavioral evaluation that includes:

  • Clinical testing to uncover potential medical causes of weight gain as well as possible obstacles to weight loss

  • Medication review and nutritional evaluation

  • Comprehensive weight and dietary history as well as lifestyle evaluation to inform and optimize a personalized weight loss plan


Personalized Weight Loss and Weight Maintenance Plan

Based upon an initial evaluation—assessing weight as the sum of multiple determinants including genetic, metabolic, behavioral, and psychological factors— Dr. Grischkan works directly with patients to design a customized weight loss program encompassing two phases:

  • Phase 1, Achieving desired weight loss: Tailored to every individual’s unique needs, each weight loss plan includes medical, dietary, and behavioral interventions. To provide the best chance of long-term success, Dr. Grischkan routinely monitors patients’ progress and maintains flexibility in modifying plans as may be necessary.

  • Phase 2, Weight maintenance: Recognizing that weight loss and weight maintenance require different approaches, once desired weight loss is achieved, Dr. Grischkan works directly with patients to design a weight maintenance plan to mitigate weight regain.


Virtual Visits and Comprehensive Support

As a Diplomate of the American Board of Obesity Medicine, Dr. Grischkan is one of a small percentage of physicians in the United States with additional training in medical weight loss, metabolic health, and nutrition. Board-certified in both internal medicine and obesity medicine, Dr. Grischkan is uniquely qualified to manage every aspect of his patients’ weight loss journeys. In Dr. Grischkan’s practice, there are no care teams, subscriptions, or one-size-fits-all weight loss plans. Rather, Dr. Grischkan takes ownership of all facets of treatment, providing customized weight loss programs and expert medical care directly to all patients. When it comes to difficult journeys like weight loss, that degree of personalized and dedicated care can make all the difference.

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